Game Time!

I saw this fun post over here and I was also inspired by this girl to do this.

I noticed I've got some new followers lately, I decided I wanna play a game!

I'll say 3 fun facts about me, then you introduce yourself, with a link to your blog if you have one. Then say 3 fun facts about you.

1. I love the state I live in. So much so I took an Arizona History class last semester, and now I'm always spitting out AZ fun fact in conversations(I was spitting out fun facts long before the class, now I just know more) Yes I am a fool, I know Photobucket

2. I'm a little bit obsessed with my dogsPhotobucket

3. The husband and I bought our first car together, A Jeep, last October. And I am still in love and still feel like its "the new car" It is also my favorite of the 3 other cars I've owned, including another jeep.
Its a little dirty in this pic cause we were 4 wheeling when it was taken

Now everyone play along with my game! In the comment box introduce yourself then do 3 fun facts! Annnddd GO!!


~Kristen~ said...

I'll play! My name is Kristen from over at http://jlovesk2.blogspot.com/ I have been married to someone in the Air Force for a little over a year now, and we are stationed in Germany. We are moving back to the US, and while I am sad about leaving this amazing country, I am also happy to go somewhere that feels more like home.

Ok, three things! I am an animal lover, and have traveled to three different countries in search of my elusive favorite...the puffin! I finally spotted him in Scotland.

Two, even though people think I am crazy for wanting to move to Illinois, I am ecstatic, as I am a born and raised Hoosier from just one state over. I love our new assignment!

And three, even though I am independent and prous as heck for my hubby, I feel like I don't really fit into the Air Force world most days. I hope that changes soon.

Sasha :) said...

I'll play too!

My name is Sasha :) I'm a Marine gf. I'm new at blogging and I don't remember how I came across your blog :) But I got intersted, cuz your name is Sasha too. Yay :)

Ok, three things about me:

1) I'm 100% Ukrainian, but I'm currently living in the USA.

2) My full name is Oleksandra, but if you have this name is Ukraine or Russian, they will automatically call you Sasha :) So here I come :)

3)I named my first cat ALF, after the very old TV series ALF, even though in that show Alf actually liked to eat cats :))