Weigh in Wednesday Week 3

This week and I lost another 3 lbs. So in 3 weeks I've lost 16lbs. I wish it could be better but meh, it's keeping up with my goal. And if I want to make my goal weight by October I need to lose 3lbs a week. Don't bother doing the math. haha I have a lot too lose. I also went down 3.5 points in my BMI and like I think 2% body fat gone.

Also since I started losing weight about the end of March, I have lost 32 lbs.
I don't have a lot if any full body pictures, which I wish would have taken to see a difference. But I do have a few of my face so you can see the weight loss in my face. Still not a lot though, cause who likes taking pictures when they're fat? Not me.

side note: until looking at these side by side I didn't realize I had lost that much, weird
So here are the pictures of my face plus 32lbs.

This is end of December

This is middle of March

And this is my face -32lbs taken today

I went to the doctor today, and while there I told here something weird that's been happening since I started this diet. I have not dreams, but nightmares about cheating on my diet about 3-4 times a week. I have nightmares where I'm either being forced to eat of have to eat bad food to avoid starving. Even though its not that bad of food like last night I had to eat a soft taco, the night before wheat thins. And I remember one dream my cousin forced me to eat a piece of bread and butter. And every time I eat it I just cry, then I wake up so worried thinking it was real and I cheated on my diet.
If any dream interpreters are out there let me know what you think! haha

P.S. Oh so so soon till Alex comes home!!


Sasha :) said...

I think you're doing great. It's very inspiring to me. Your hubby will be very surprised! Good job!!

Chelsea said...

holy poop that looks photoshopped you are looking so good sash! keep it up ! you are my hero!! and im coming in one week!! yippee and i promise i wont make you eat bread and butter. . . hah