For our two year

Alex and I talked today and decided for our two year wedding anniversary this year we'll be running a half marathon together!

It started when I was looking on line today for races to do. Then I found a half marathon on Dec 11th in North Carolina! Our anniversary is on the 14th so I thought that would be something fun we could do together. Alex has always been a big runner and done races and whatnot. I have not. I always though it was cause of my legs, or cause I got shin splints and cause my knees and hips hurt when I ran just a little bit. Turns out it was just cause I was fat and overweight haha.
I am actually pretty good at running now, I guess I just needed to get in shape.
I'm mostly just way happy that I will get to do something with Alex that he loves. It'll be fun to bond this way.

Alex custom made me Nike's a couple weeks ago. And I was really excited about getting them in soon, but turns out he never totally checked out online boo. So I made me some today and just purchased them so they should be here in 4 weeks, hopefully sooner!
I bought the Free Run id2 because I want to ease into barefoot running. I be in these for a while then switch to fives.
The shoes I love the colors I picked cause I love everything bright and fun!

I went online and looked at a bunch of different training schedules and am between two right now. The first one is a ten week. Has 3 rest days a week and has a little higher miles a day.
The next is a twelve week one has 2 rest days a week and has lower miles a day.
I think I might just end up merging the two to make my ownish.

If anyone has done any races and has any tips on training it would be much appreciated!


Optimistic Liz said...

i dont know shit about running but i wanted to say your blogs pretty cool! I'll be at fort bragg in april! :) and my husband gets home in October too! :)

Melissa said...

Hey, I saw you were a new follower and I came over to say hello! Your blog is super cute and I'm glad to "meet" you. :) I'm a new runner, too, but I've liked Hal Higdon's website/training plans. Check them out!

Fran said...

That sounds like a great thing to do together! Running a marathon is definitely in my bucket list but I need to get into shape first lol

Tolman Family said...

I set the goal to do a half marathon last July and also used online weekly training schedules to train. I had an absolute blast running the half marathon and am going to do it again next year. Good luck! It's hard work!

nichole said...

woo hoo! : ) i cannot wait to hear about your adventure in training/running!