Today and jumbled thoughts

Remember that one time(yesterday) when I said I wanted to die my hair? Well I kinda have this thing where when I get a thought in my head I have to do it right away! Its a good thing I have alex cause he sorta balances me out that way. But anyway. Back to my hair. I died it today. I'm still on vacation but back in the valley until we go back to Sedona tonight. My mom had to work for a couple hours today and were picking up my sis in law ash at the airport tonight. Anyway anyway. Back back to my hair. I'm so jumbled sorry.

That's the lightest they could go for how dark my hair way. I really like it. But in a few months I wanna go a little lighter.

Also also. Check out what I did today

9:35 mile baby!! Fastest time like. Ever. Also skyped with the husband today. We had always planned on getting off post housing cause we want a house. Not a duplex triplex whatever. But He talked to people and they recommended this and talked about everything. But we concluded that if we can get in a single fam home on base we will. If not it's off we go. And apparently I'm staying here and were moving everything all at once together. I figured out all we really need is a large uhaul trailer.
But I've talked way more than I planned. And I'm probably not making any sense. So I'll bid you all good day now
Also also. Only one more follower till a giveaway!!


Fran said...

Love your hair girl! And good job on that run!! :)

Megan said...

Love the hair color!! And awesome run time :) Gotta love that cardio!!